Welcome Gorgeous Slayers!

I see you have found your New Slay Plug ! For starters I’m MaKayla the creator of Kayslay Lashes. I’ve always been in love with lashes, doing people lashes and the variety of styled there is. I started playing around trying to apply lashes at the age 14. Over the 3 years I perfected my craft by continuing to Slay my family, friends and myself! As my support and motivation grew, my inspiration of lashes grew too! Now we here…..

Why Choose us !

Do you consider yourself to be: Beat, Slayed, or Popping ?
If you answer YES to all 3 ! That’s why you choose us! Our line have styles and volumes that only speaks for and compliments YOU! You are Us and We are You ! We strive for QUALITY, LOVE AND HAPPINESS!! Anybody can SALE lashes ! But it’s A DIFFERENCE WHEN YOUR PASSION MEETS YOUR VISION! AND FOR THAT REASON ALONE ! IS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE US !!

We leave you in Peace, Love and SLAY 💕